Our Mission

WeeCycle is a nonprofit whose mission is to recycle essential baby gear
and match it to Colorado families in need.

Local families need our help

We are a group of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. A group of determined family members who realize the human connection and want to make a difference in our community and in the world.

It’s easy to take for granted that our children will have clean diapers or a cozy crib to sleep in. In fact, many of us have several types of strollers and multiple car seats in multiple cars. We are truly fortunate. But tonight in Colorado, mothers and fathers (your neighbors) will put babies in vehicles without the safety of restraints. Tonight in Colorado, babies will sleep in uncertain and often volatile conditions. Tonight in Colorado, parents will have to choose between providing enough food to feed their family or buying clean diapers. Poverty, especially childhood poverty, affects all aspects of our community, including job market, social services, family structure, educational attainment, crime, and general wellbeing.

It’s something we know is true yet often feel helpless to change. Well, we’re here to tell you: YOU can make that change. WeeCycle helps keep Colorado families safe, healthy and thriving by giving YOUR gently used, essential items and donations to families who really need them.

Keeping good gear out of landfills

How quickly do our babies cycle through their activity mats and strollers? Two months? Two years? What about the baby clothes and blankets? They grow and change so quickly, but the gear and clothing are still durable and useful.

Recycling and reusing baby gear and clothing preserves the environment for future generations by keeping these items out of landfills. (Humans create more than 180 billion pounds of landfill waste each year!) You can help reduce this waste dramatically with one simple action: donating your gently used baby gear and clothing to WeeCycle. By extending the life of each piece of baby gear or clothing, a twofold gift is given to Colorado families and the environment. Not only are we providing children with the gear they need to live their first years safely and happily, we are practicing good stewardship of the planet that they will ultimately inherit. Healthy kids turn into healthy adults who need a healthy Earth. YOU can be a part of it.

WeeCycle is a proud partner of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.

WeeCycle is dedicated to the environment and the community in which we operate. With this we commit that we will go beyond just compliance with regulations, and will continually look for ways to redistribute more gear, saving materials from landfills, and find ways to reduce the energy used and pollution generated in the process. WeeCycle is integrated in the community and committed to sustainable practices. WeeCycle directly touches the lives of many families, and indirectly many more; the more positive our impact the healthier and happier our communities will be.

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